Activation Method Energy Coach

Here’s what you get when you join Activation Method Energy Coach Certification

You get the comprehensive Energy Coach Business Plan, including five certifications:

  • Certification as an Activation Method Energy Coach
  • Certificate as a 21 Journeys Teacher
  • Certificate as an Activation Method Retreat Leader
  • Certificate of Ruby Level Boot Camp Training
  • Certificate of Opal Level boot Camp Training
  • Access to two live online Coaching Boot Camps - a one-day Boot Camp and a three-day Boot Camp
  • Integrity Marketing - our comprehensive coaching practice marketing system
  • Six months access to Coaching Institute’s suite of live training resources, including weekly Mentorship Classes, Practice Labs, Energy Coaching Labs
  • Enjoy being part of a small group, personalized boutique training with Magali and Mark Peysha and a vibrant community of coaching colleagues.

Four Days of Live Boot Camp Training

  • Choose a One Day Opal Boot Camp Date that works for you. You will learn our top three Spiritual and Creative Strategies to begin Coaching Clients.
  • Choose a Three Day Gem Boot Camp that fits into your schedule. You will learn six to seven Activation Coaching Strategies for every coaching program you offer.

Be Ready to Learn All About:

  • Guiding Meditations
  • Energy Exercises
  • Power Filling
  • Boundaries that heal
  • Activating Positive Emotions
  • Building Intuition
  • Healing Parts of Self
  • Empowering Through Achetypes
  • Using Tools of Light, Color, Breath and Sound
  • Bringing the Senses Into Full Activation
  • Honoring One’s Higher Self

"There's so much! Mark and Magali's teachings are so wonderful, and the strategies are so useful, and the people here are... I can’t even describe the community that I feel right now."


"Now I have these tools that have helped me be very, very conscious about the decisions that I make and choices that I make. Oh my gosh, I feel completely empowered and just like this - like a goddess."


"I came down here knowing that I was going to get some really great tools and insights to be a coach. What really impacted me was that I got so much out of it in my own personal relationship as well. There’s nothing like that experience of like feeling it working in your own life, and then seeing first-hand how it can help people and affect other people."


"What I love about Mark and Magali's coaching is that when they demo on stage, they do it in such a way you learn the processes and then you can turn around and take it away and use it with your clients. I thought I knew most of what I needed to know with coaching, and what I found here was all the bits that fill in the gaps, and knit it all together. So if you want to be a coach, if you want to be a great coach, it's a must you spend some time with Mark and Magali."


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